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Job Creation
We can defeat this recession by creating an atmosphere that encourages the private sector to invest in our people and our state. It is all about jobs, jobs and more jobs. The best
way to generate the revenues needed to fund police and fire protection is for the private sector to create jobs, not raise taxes. We can help put people back to work by reversing some of the burdensome over-regulation and over-taxation that kills jobs and forces businesses to leave our state.


Lower taxes and less spending
I believe that Ronald Reagan had it right.  Families benefit from lower taxes and keeping government bureaucrats under control.  Liberals say its greed to want taxes that allow families to save for retirement or college or to buy a new home with the money they have earned.  I say its just good old-fashioned common sense.


As a fourth generation farmer, I understand it is agriculture that drives the economic engine of California.  I understand the need to protect prime farmland, private property rights and the environment that makes it possible for Californian farmers to generate billions of dollars into our state's economy and help us feed America and the world.

I will be a strong advocate to address our current and future water needs.  We must have adequate water storage if we are to continue to lead the world's farmers.  I will stand tall against continued attempts by San Francisco and Southern California to export the Valley's water resources that provide good-paying jobs and a good-hearted way of life.


A strong education system is the best jobs program possible and breaks the cycle of poverty.  To have a strong education system, our schools must be safe so our children can learn without threats from drugs and gangs.  By giving our educational system the attention it deserves, we can eliminate these threats from our schools and protect the innocence of our children.

Higher standards are critical to success in education and everyone involved must be accountable, administrators, teachers and students alike.  Giving our local communities control and taking it away from Sacramento bureaucrats will give our schools the ability to educate without the unfunded mandates and red tape that have made going to some schools like a trip to the DMV.


Crime and Public Safety
Keeping our citizens safe is our governments' first responsibility.  I will work closely with our local governments and police departments to give them the tools and resources to take the fight to the gangs and drug dealers.  The meth problem in the Central Valley needs to be addressed forcefully and I will give everything I have to help solve this problem.


The Second Amendment
I believe that law abiding citizens have a right to own a gun and that is their business...not the governments.  Protecting the constitution from those who would confiscate both our weapons and our rights will be my promise to you.

Tom with Rev. Lou Sheldon and
Senator Tony Strickland


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